So uh…I forgot to sleep. Again.

If I’m slow today then it’s because my brain is so tired even coffee can’t save me now. xD

( Was up all night reading Skulduggery Pleasant books and doing some rp. Plus weirding people out and pretending to be a coffee machine. - don’t ask - )


trak-nar asked:

*Moving vegetation out of her way, Lavinnia trudged hungrily through the forest, on her way to what she assumed to be civilization. She could see what appeared to be a building of some sort. Armed with a long walking stick, she felt her way down the overgrown path, stepping over fallen logs and dodging low-hanging branches. Ducking one of the boughs, she walked face-first into a spider web and took a moment to peal it from her face in disgust.*

mirai-mephisteria-speak answered:

* Rather than being greeted by welcoming warm glows of village lights you are instead disappointed by the sight of a big abandoned building peeping out through the fast setting in haze. The path just a little distance ahead of you seems to end abruptly and become cracked concrete, the worrying thing is that this place seems familiar and yet the last time you’re sure this building wasn’t here. *

* Though the building may be eerie and out of place, would the temptation of shelter be enough to draw you in still? *



* Chuckles and shakes my head, trying to cover up the wound by putting my jacket over it so you don’t have to see the mess I’ve become *

I’m no zombie, I’ve told you already I’m a demon…and sad as it seems I did this to myself. I removed my own heart over a pain I felt…who and what that pain was over matters not…but it also stopped this blood letting condition I had…all was fine for a while. And then I started to die. And from the one small hole I made to rip out the thing that kept me alive, it started to tear until it became this nasty wound…

*Takes the old hypno doll off my desk and seems to cradle it like a child momentarily, purring and lost in a world of my own*

I admit I’ve considered offing myself numerous times. I miss my family…but I have Yendy and now you too. Whilst I’m hardly a friend to anyone, there’s still some mutual understanding of sorts between us all…we don’t seem to judge each other. And from the time I’m from, that’s a rarity….

*Lavinnia just gaped in shock as Mirai’s words rolled around in her head. There were so many questions that she wanted to ask, but she scarcely knew where to start. Again, she came upon the decision that had been staring her in the face for so long; does she do something to save the life of someone she barely knows, or does she let them die? She didn’t know the man from whom she had fed, but she didn’t want his death to be on her hands. And how could she explain Mirai’s passing to Yendy? Coming back to the Refuge after sneaking out, reeking of death, covered in who-knows-what, and having to explain that she went out to eat dreams and ended up in this mess? Regardless of what she did, she knew that she was going to be in a lot of trouble for sneaking out.*

*She looked down to the floor for a long moment. Perhaps she could think of a way to get Mirai to the Refuge. It wasn’t far and they would easily make it before dawn. However, she needed to figure out how to help in the interim, and only Mirai could answer that.*

*Scratching the back of her head, Lavinnia finally looked up.*

"What can I do to help you?"

* Places my hypno doll down. Maybe I could think of something that wouldn’t bother you much…a pact is extreme…but to be honest it’s the only thing I’m sure will work. There are other things I could try, of course. Their results aren’t as promising…but either ways I’m gonna need my wounds fixing and sewing up…Yendy would have to be at the refuge in order to invite me in or else I could end up a pile of ash…ugh. Demon rules. Total pain in the *ss. *

Let’s not make a pact…I’d like to avoid allowing your life go to sh*t as well as mine.

* Seems hesitant at first but hasn’t really got much choice. A pact would be far worse…but these are still odd and awkward questions *

Uh, you don’t seem the occult type but…have you ever done a blood offering before? If not…how do you feel about cutting your arm with a knife…? Or being bitten for blood?